Monday, January 30, 2012

Bedroom Tent

Hey it's Amanda and I wanted to share the latest project I did. It involves sewing, but so simple. It had to be b/c I'm sewing illiterate and have love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with the machine!

In my 2.5 yr old's room, I noticed we had inadvertantly created a little nook between the wall and his bunk beds. And after noticing him playing down in the little space a few times I thought, I should create a fort or a tent. And all I needed was some fabric, some dollar something small tension rods (all from WalMart) and a good vibe from my sewing machine and I was set.

My dimensions needed 2 yards of fabric, which I just folded in half and sewed all edges. Then I measured where I wanted my tension rods and made two 'pockets' for them by simply sewing two more stitches.

So throw some pillows and blankets in there and we are good to go!

Valentine's Day Decor

Hello everyone, Sara here. Can you believe it's almost Valentine's Day?? I can't!

After Christmas I always go check out the clearance sections to see if I need anything new to add to my Christmas decorations. Well this year at Target I found awesome felt heart ornaments at a cost of $0.10 for 3 of them!! I kind of went overboard and bought a ton, but I knew I could use them eventually.

My first thought to use the hearts was to make a garland. So I fiddled around until I figured out what I wanted to do. I have put together a mini-tutorial too!!

First I cut out the letters for "BE MINE" with my Cricut and traced them onto the back of a scrap piece of flannel after I had ironed Wonder Under onto the flannel.
Be sure to trace the letters in reverse!!
 Then I cut out a heart template (again with my Cricut) and traced that onto a piece of felt.

Once I had enough hearts and the letters cut out I ironed the letters onto the hearts.

With the letters and hearts ready I was ready to add them onto my Target hearts.  Again I ironed the hearts onto the larger hearts.  I used a scrap piece of knit to lay on top of my felt hearts so that the iron didn't melt the felt.

All of the hearts looked great, now all you have to do it tied them together!

I used thin pink ribbon, but you could use anything to tie the hearts together. 

Once done tying you are done, a brand new heart garland!

To finish off my Valentine's Day Decor, I printed off an adorable printable I found on Pinterest. I also made a quick wreath with pipe foaming, tissue paper, and felt heart stickers. 

I love my new decor and can't wait to see what I can find in the clearance section after Valentine's Day to add to it!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sewing Machine Cover

Good Evening! Jennifer here to share my latest project.

I was sick for the past 5 days which was not fun at all! I finally started feeling better today and was able to get back to sewing. I have been saying for a long time I needed to make a sewing cover for my machine. Mine came with one, but it is big, bulky, and let's face it, not cute. I found a few tutorials on Pinterest (have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest?!?). I ended up mostly using the tutorial from Naptime Journal while also checking out a similar tutorial from Stay-at-Home Artist. I used my favorite fabric along with another I really like both from Hobby Lobby. I had both in my supply so it was a super easy and fairly quick project. I say fairly quick, because I sewed the ribbon in wrong. Using my trusty seam ripper, I figured that out and fixed it. There were a few things I decided to do differently from the tutorials, I added quilt batting that I had on hand and top stitched it once I was done.

I absolutely love how it turned out!! It is so cute and was easy to make and will hopefully extend the life of my beloved machine by keeping dust away from it.

I liked the strap that Naptime Journal's version had that keeps the cover in place, rather than ties on both sides.
It's like a pretty present to open each time I go to sew - am I a dork or what??