Monday, December 19, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Diaper Bag & Accessories

Good Evening - Jennifer here. I have been busy with potty training and crafting that I haven't posted in a long time! I have things to catch up on (like the Potty Party and Halloween costumes) but for now I am just going to jump into Christmas!

My little Cupcake has just recently gotten into playing with her baby dolls, it started soon after the Potty Party (we first trained a new doll of Cupcake's). She started wanting to take her dolls on walks in her stroller, feeding her babies, and changing their diapers. When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make it for her! I loved the idea of having a diaper bag for Cupcake. She loves carrying bags and purses around and filling them with her things, so I knew she would like a bag filled with baby things.

The tutorial for the diaper bag on Mommy by Day...Crafter by Night was pretty straight forward and easy to follow! I did make some changes to the bag. I know how much Cupcake loves pockets, so I added a pocket to the outside side panel - gotta have a place for that bottle right?! I also added a pocket to the inside to keep things like wipes safe and secure. I also attached the straps a little differently, just because it seemed easier to me - even though I did end up pulling out the seam ripper multiple times :-/ All in all, I loved how it turned out!

I searched around Pinterest and found lots of tutorials for accessories to fill the bag. Check out my Fun Stuff for Kids board to see all of the tutorials I found!
I couldn't stop with just the bag & accessories, she needed a new princess doll to go with it
 I got a little carried away and made diapers, wipes and a wipe container, a blanket, a big, and even a changing pad (not was an afterthought)! I actually made 2 sets of everything, one is a gift for a my cousin's daughter who is into baby dolls too.
Cupcake receiving her present

Cupcake absolutely LOVED her new diaper bag and doll. She got the present at a party we have with my Dad's extended family where Santa comes and brings a present for all the kids. Unfortunately, Santa was unable to make it, but his helpers did distribute the goods. Cupcake changed baby Ariel's diaper at least 10 times at the party alone, using wipes each time. It was so cute! I'm so happy she likes it so much, and I am hoping the other recipient does as well.
Opening her present with Mommy
Cupcake giving baby Ariel a bottle
Daddy helping Cupcake put a new diaper on Ariel

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big Brother Outfit

Sara here once again.  During our whole moving extravaganza we found out we would be adding one more little person into our family.  Even before we found out though I had a thought to make DJ Ark a shirt to announce to our families that he was going to be a big brother. (I thought this would be something obvious and fun, but that wasn't the case, more on that later though.)

So how did I make the shirt...I found a font I like and printed it at a size I liked.  I then traced the letters onto the back of some felt that I had ironed Heat n' Bond to. Once they were cut out I placed them onto the shirt how I wanted them.  Then I ironed it onto the shirt.  I also went ahead and stitched around each letter so I didn't have to worry about the letters coming off in the wash.  I loved how it turned out, but I felt like it need something else.  So one day while I was wondering around JoAnn looking at all the fabrics I found this fun polka dot print that I thought would go perfectly with the shirt.
I used Dana's Basic Pant pattern and tutorial and made the little guy a new pair of pants.  I wished I would have made them a little longer so they would last until the baby is born, but we will see.

So a quick side story, like I said earlier I thought this shirt would be a great way to tell our families.  Well one set of parents just looked at us when they read the shirt and I had to said I was actually pregnant before they got it.  Then the other set asked who the shirt was for.  Claiming I make so much stuff for other people they didn't believe it was actually for our son!  Next time (if there is a next time that is) I will just make myself a shirt that says, "I'm pregnant".

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Bapron...I'm obsessed!

Hello everyone, Sara here, I have been on a little bit of a break from the blog due to moving.  Now I am back and have a couple of post about what I made during my time away.

First up is my new favorite thing to make for baby showers.  When I first saw the Bapron on one of my favorite blogs, Craftiness is Not Optional, I just knew I had to make some.  So far I have made three and I have a couple more in the works for future Christmas presents.

It really is an easy project and a great tutorial to follow.  The only change I made was to make them reversible, just to make it a little more personal.  Also when one side is messy you can just flip it over!

So if you need an idea for the next baby shower go make a  Bapron!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Newsboy Hat: A Pattern Review

Good Evening, 

I recently was able to participate in pattern review for a fellow crafter! I was super excited to try the pattern, because from the pictures I could tell the hat would be pretty cute. I was also excited, because I hadn't ever participated in a pattern review before. I, along with a few others, gave the pattern a try, sent feedback to the creator and she took our reviews and created an even better pattern!

This was the first hat I have ever made and the first time working with corduroy. The first thing I noticed and enjoyed was that there were only two pieces for the pattern. This made cutting the fabric very easy and quick! The only problem I had with the pattern was the fabric she used. At times, it was hard to tell, from the pictures, what were the right side and the wrong side of the fabric. I thought if she chose a fabric that had more color or maybe used a contrasting thread color, it might have been easier to follow. It took me a while to figure out how to sandwich the brim into the hat piece. But finally I got it and was easily able to attach the brim! When adding the elastic, I messed up and had to pull out the seam ripper. I attached the elastic on the outside of the lining fabric because I couldn’t tell from the picture that I was supposed to sew the elastic on the inside of the lining. Also, the only time I have ever worked with elastic, I have always made a casing for the elastic as opposed to stretching the elastic out and sewing on top of it. It was hard for me to get the elastic to stretch as far as it needed. I finally got it and I was able to finish the hat. 

Overall, I found the pattern easy to follow and I had a lot of fun creating the hat and I love how it looks on my little Cupcake! Check out the listing for the pattern at Etsy here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Libby Top - Sew Along with CINO

I participated in another sew-along with Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional. As usual, she created another beautiful garment along with a helpful, straight forward tutorial to follow. From the first picture she posted, I knew I had to participate! I was really wanting to add some fall tops to Cupcake's wardrobe and I loved the look of the Libby Top. I also just picked up some cute fall-ish fabric from Ikea a few weeks ago so I was all set!

I had fun with this sew-along, just like the last one! I like that I only have a few steps to do each day. It allows me to take the time I need to really get the steps down. It makes me a little impatient, though, making me wonder what the next step will be and how it will all turn out.

With this sew-along, Jess did not have a pattern to download, so for the Libby Top, I created my own. This part was a little scary, because I hadn't ever done it before. I did my best, using a shirt of Cupcake's and I think it turned out pretty well. In my head, I was hoping it would be a little longer, so she could wear it with leggings. I'm thinking it still might work out. Also, the bib on the original top was straight, rather than slanted like mine. The other thing I wish I would have done differently was cut the elastic for the buttons smaller, they are a little too long.

Awww! What a cutie!! Showing off her new top & sticker!
All in all, I love how it turned out. I like the fabric and my fellow Crafty Mamas helped me pick the coordinating fabric choice - thanks ladies! The fabric is on the stiffer side, so I think it will keep her warm on the cooler fall days. I am excited for her to wear it, I love fall! Thanks again to Jess for another fabulous tutorial!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hair Accesories Fun

I recently got my hair cut very short and ever since I have been a little obsessed with making hair accessories to go with my new style. I have always enjoyed making fun hair bows for Cupcake but now a whole world has opened up to me with options for me!

I thought I'd share my latest creations with you. I've pinned a lot of ideas on my Hair Accessories and Fabric Flowers boards on Pinterest and have just been going through the list and trying out all that I have the time and supplies for.

I started using 1/8" elastic and gluing the accessories to the elastic, but at the rate I was making flowers, I realized I would soon be out of elastic. So, I created one universal elastic band and started hot gluing the accessories to mini alligator clips. That way I can just change the accessory and keep the same band. I know, I know, genius right?!?

I recently purchased an envelope full of fabric scraps from Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional  and have enjoyed using scraps from her to create some of the accessories. I love that I can use just a little left-over fabric to create a cute little addition to my look! Last weekend, I made one (top right corner) using the left over fabric from Cupcake's birthday outfits (more on that in another post) to coordinate with her during the party!

Scrappy Flower Headband

Today, I tried out a tutorial from Nature's Heirloom that I absolutely love!! She guest posted the tutorial here. I changed the way she created it a little, using an old t-shirt. Using a t-shirt you don't have to worry about fraying and I like the way it rolls in after you stretch it out a bit. They are so easy to make and so cute! I've made two so far and look great on both Cupcake and myself.

Cupcake modeling one of the Scrappy Flower Headbands 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wraps Three Ways

Amanda and I were co-hosting playgroup this week and I suggested chicken wraps as our main dish. However, I wanted to do something a little special, so I decided to make up the fixings for three different types of wraps: Thai, Mexican, and Caesar. Giving options like this is a fun and easy way to make your simple lunch look a little more fancy. All three wraps had flour tortilla shells, chicken (shredded rotisserie chicken from the store), and lettuce. I placed a tray with the following ingredients: red peppers and cucumber strips (Thai), shredded Colby jack and onions (Mexican), and shredded mozzarella and tomatoes (Caesar). I made signs out of simple card stock suggesting which vegetables to put on each tortilla and placed them in front of the sauces. The sauce for the Thai wraps was a Thai Peanut Sauce, which you can buy or make. The sauce for the Mexican wraps was a sour cream and fajita seasoning mix. The sauce for the Caesar wraps was Ken's Lite Caesar Dressing and Dip.

It was simple and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black Bird Tunic

Good Evening, it is Jennifer here to share a cute little top I recently made for Cupcake! The tutorial came from Shwin & Shwin. There blog has so, so many tutorials for the cutest kids clothes (and other fun things, but mostly I drool over the cute kids clothes!). Every time they create a new post, I love seeing what they come up with.

A lot of their stuff seemed a little intimidating being so cute and somewhat complicated. Recently, they have been sharing a Sewing 101 series going through basic techniques that they use on a lot of their tutorials. Reading over a few of those posts and admiring all of their tutorials, I decided to go for it! I thought a top would be cute considering I hadn't made many tops before. I checked out the Black Bird Tunic and decided I had the perfect fabric for it!

Showing off her Black Bird Tunic
 I did the top a little differently, using bias tape instead of piping (still haven't tried piping yet!) and didn't line the circle collar (after doing it, I wish I would have!). I also added two buttons, instead of one big one, only because I didn't have a big enough one to look cute. The directions for the top were very straightforward and easy to follow! I loved the way the top turned out and so did Cupcake. Her favorite part was the pocket. When I put on the shirt to see how it looked, then told her we could take it off, she told me she wanted to keep it on. She then, excitedly said "pocket," as she put small trinkets in her new pocket.


Close-up of the two buttons

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tote Bag "For the Love of Andrea"

Hey all, Beth here and I wanted to post a little project a few of the crafty mamas worked on today. Some of my good friends from High School had a friend who was injured in the State Fair stage incident a few weeks ago and is still in the hospital. They have been working hard to raise money, prayers and awareness for her and her family during this time.

Anyway, a few of us got together and made this cute tote bag to sell at a fundraiser auction for Andrea. We used her signature hot pink and an awesome matching floral fabric. The tote is reversible and one side has a couple cute pockets sewn on. See Sara's tutorial for the Travel Tote that she made for DJ Ark here. It's very similar to this but with pockets instead of the map and it's bigger. We got the who thing done in about 2 hours with 4 kids running around so I would have to put the difficulty level pretty low.

If you are interested in bidding on this bag at the auction or want to learn more about Andrea and her road to recovery check out her blog.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ruffle Tie T-shirt

I have a confession, I am addicted to Pinterest.  If I am not working on a project during DJ Ark's nap time (or cleaning, laundry, etc.), I am on Pinterest looking for new projects, recipes, or just admiring people's creativity. Anyway, I found this ruffle necktie tee tutorial and just knew I wanted to try it.

Thanks for being the model, Megan!
While I was visiting my parents, my sister came into town and we decided that this would be a perfect craft to do.  It did require a quick trip to Goodwill (for the ties) and Wal-Mart (for the shirts).  If I would have been home I probably would have used an old shirt of mine, but I bought enough ties to make 3 or 4 shirts.
All of our simple and fun to make.
My shirt ( I feel in love with the tie, too bad the shirt is too big.  I am going to work on trying to slim it down)
One of my sister's shirt, love the flowers and polka dots!
My sister's game day (Ohio State graduate) shirt

Soccer drawstring bag

Hello all, Sara once again.  I have been on a crafting blitz the last couple of weeks and haven't been able to post my projects.  I am trying to get as much of them posted so I am not so far behind.

DJ Ark and his buddies are going to be getting together to start soccer soon.  Yes, at 2 he can't really play soccer, but he can kick the ball well and hopefully listen to the coach and do some running around.  So in preparation for the first practice, I wanted to make a bag to hold all of his stuff.  I was going to make a bag with handles and extra pockets, but then I decide that a simple drawstring bag would be easiest for him and me.  I found a tutorial to use at The Purl Bee and had found some cute soccer fabric at JoAnn.  I even found cute ribbon at Hobby Lobby (I love whem it is 50% off!!).

Can't wait for the first practice!
Perfect size for all of his stuff
I even have fabric left over to make something else...we will just have to see what I come up with!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Toddler Apron

Hello all, Sara here!  I have been crafting a lot lately, but with the lack of internet due to our current temporary housing situation I have not had the chance to post all my projects.  This is a quick post about an apron I made for a toddler.  A friend's daughter was turning 3 and I wanted to make something for her and thought an apron would be a good idea.  DJ Ark and her always play kitchen when we get together so I knew she would get good use out of it.  After some googling I found the perfect tutorial.  I made a couple of changes to the tutorial because I wanted to use adorable cupcake ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby.

The perfect sized arpon!
I just love making things for girls since I don't get to do it that often so I had a lot of fun making this.  It was quick project and I think I will have to make more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun Baby Projects

A friend and former co-worker of mine is going to have a baby soon and I was excited to create some homemade baby items as a gift for her and her cute little bundle of joy!

After browsing my favorite blogs and Pinterest I decided on embellishing some onesies and creating some cute burp rags. I found a great series on the Handmade Baby Clothes website called Embellish Your Onesie. It had so many ideas on how to fancy up a plain onesies! There were so many cute ideas, I had a hard time choosing, but I finally did. I picked up a pack of white onesies from Target and went with the applique, ruffle butt, inspired, and heart stamp ideas. Some of you who are familiar with onesie packs, yes you are right, they do usually come in a 5 pack. I tried to create the button-down one but messed it up and couldn't figure out a way to fix it so I just tossed it aside. I was really happy with how they turned out, check them out!

Ruffle Butt, Inspired, Heart Stamp, & Applique
Ruffle Butt

Heart Stamped (with buttons for the centers)

Front and Back of the Applique onesie. I used the same fabric I used for some of the burp rags!

I then moved on to creating the Burp Rags. I used a butterfly fabric since that was the theme of the baby's nursery. I also used a soft cuddly fleece fabric with hearts, because who doesn't like hearts for a little baby girl? I used the tutorial I found on Craftaholics Anonymous. The description was that they were "super duper easy," and after looking at the tutorial, they definitely seemed super duper easy, so I was ready to go for it! I used some soft cuddly fabric for the back to catch all of that yummy spit up and drool the sweet baby will get all over them.

I was happy with all these cute baby items I created, but then I was browsing Pinterest again and came across this little cutie! I saw that it was an item on Etsy, not a tutorial, but after studying it I figured I could create it myself! After about a half an hour, I created my last little baby treasure.

With the links, I added it the front of the gift bag. Such a cute addition!

What are your go-to homemade baby gift items?