Sunday, April 29, 2012

Me Sew Crazy Projects

Good Afternoon, Jennifer here to report on two Me Sew Crazy tutorials I attempted recently. I follow Jessica's blog and love so much of what she creates! I finally took the plunge and tried out two of her tutorials.

For the first project, I made my Cupcake's Easter dress using the Spring Fever Dress tutorial. The tutorial was great, it provided a free pattern for sizes 2T - 5! For the most part, the tutorial was very clear. I did struggle with the back of the dress (which was one of my favorite parts of the dress!) but once I posted my question on the blog, Jess emailed me back with a more in depth explanation and I was able to work my way through it. Although the tutorial was clear and provided many pictures, I continued to struggle through the dress. I think I used my seam ripper more than I ever have on any other project. But, beside the back piece, all my mistakes were just not paying close enough attention while I was working - thank goodness for the seam ripper, right? If I made the dress again, I would probably make the skirt more of an A-line rather than straight, so it would look a little fuller. Other than that, I love how it turned out! Unfortunately, I was distracted and didn't take any pictures on Easter day of Cupcake wearing it. The next time she wears it, I will make sure to take some photos.

Close-up of the back of the dress

My second Me Sew Crazy project was The Bustle Backpack. I found this tutorial a while back and pinned it, knowing if I decided to make Cupcake a backpack, this had to be the one! With Cupcake being potty trained, I had less of a reason to lug a big diaper bag along, but I still needed something to carry a few items with us. I decided a backpack she could wear and I could carry would be perfect. I took Cupcake to JoAnn to pick out fabric. She originally chose a bright pink which I was fine with, then she pointed to several different colors and finally settled on a lime green.

This tutorial, just like the Spring Fever Dress was concise and clear. I was a little nervous that this was going to be a very time consuming project as I looked at all the little bustles all over the adorable backpacks Jess made. I went ahead and jumped in. Making the circles didn't take much time at all. It was a little monotonous sewing the circles on the backpack but it really didn't take too incredibly long. Once the circles were all attached, the rest of the backpack came together very easily. I got it done during two of Cupcake's naps and when I showed it to her she was very excited! She immediately wanted the bag and said she needed to put books in it. She filled it up with lots of books and carried it around all afternoon. It is a little big on Cupcake's shoulders, but I know that means she will grow into it. It has worked out really well when we are out and about and I love how it turned out!

Cupcake showing off her new "pack pack" as she calls it
Checking out her treasures
Thanks Jessica for two great tutorials. I can't wait to try more projects from her site!


  1. Love both of the projects! The backpack is a great idea for not having to carry a big diaper bag!!

  2. How big is this backpack? I'm thinking about making it, but I need to know if it will hold regular sized folders and stuff that kids would tote back and forth from school. I already made my daughter a toddler backpack for preschool that can no longer be used for kindergarten because it is just not tall enough to be practical.

    1. Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, I don't think this is the bag for you - I think it would be too small for a folder. I use it more for an extra pair of undies for my little one (just in case) my wallet, a sippy cup and a snack. If you go to the original tutorial it might give you a better sense of how big it is. I just found this tutorial on pinterest recently. Maybe that would work?? Good luck!

  3. oh my goodness, I love the backpack in the lime green!!! So cute, and your Spring Fever dress came out adorable too!

    Thank you so much for your kind words!

    Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!

    - Jess

    1. Thanks Jess - I am flattered! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well.