Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun Summer Clothes

Good Evening, Jennifer here to share some fun summer clothes I've been working on.

First, I'll start with the Prudent Baby Snappy Toddler Top/Dress. I have to start by pointing out that Prudent Baby is a fantastic site! I love it! I love everything they offer. They offer tons of different DIY ideas for "small fries," including free tutorials and downloadable patterns. I loved the Snappy Toddler Top and knew I had to try it out. I didn't have snaps on hands so I ended up using buttons. This was my first time I tried using the button-maker hole feature on my machine and, with some coaching from Mama Sara, I figured it out! It was fun to just press a button and watch my machine work its magic. The first one I created was out of some fun fabric I found at Jo Ann fabrics and turned out pretty well. It definitely took me a lot of time and there was some frustration here and there, working everything out, but I am so glad I stuck with it. I loved how it turned out!

Don't mind the wrinkles I didn't iron out before I took this picture!
I was so happy how this top turned out that I used every last bit of this fabric I had left, and made a bigger version! I gave the smaller version to a friend for her daughter's first birthday and kept the larger one for little Cupcake.

Such a great little model I have!
After I completed these two tops, I was still pretty obsessed with the Snappy Toddler Top and wanted to try the dress version. I used some more fabric I found at Jo Ann that I was so excited about. I bought the fabric not knowing what I wanted to do with it, but once I was able to get this top down I knew I wanted to make this dress out of it. I used some orange bias tape to finish the hem and the arms and was a bit nervous about this process. I had used bias tape before but never felt like I really got the hang of it and kind of dreading the idea of bias tape. I took a look at this fantastic tutorial from Smashed Peas and Carrots and it finally all made sense to me! Once I figured it out and was able to use it on this project, I fell in love with bias tape! It isn't as hard as I made it out to be and it is so cute! So thank you Maggie!

Cupcake in her new dress. She wasn't really feeling the modelling session.
I made it a little shorter than I would've liked, but it looked cute with some bloomers underneath.
Lastly, I created another project for my friend's daughter. This dress was the same as the Feeling Groovy Dress that I made for Cupcake. I finished it up by making a matching hair clip, again, using Jess' Poofy Fabric Flower tutorial (I told you I was obsessed with them!). Here is the final product:

Matching hair clip
Happy 1st Birthday Quinn - I hope she enjoyed the homemade goodness (I also gave her the hooded towel we made) I sure enjoyed creating them!

I'm currently working on 4th of July shirts for Cupcake and her two cousins based on a great tutorial from Make It and Love It, another fabulous blog! Can't wait to share.


  1. I used bias tape on my version too. I think it's easier than turning under tiny armholes. I really like the dress fabric, especially with the orange bias tape!


    1. Thanks Sarah! I definitely agree, bias tape is much easier to me on the tiny armholes :-) Glad you liked my fabric choice!!