Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun Baby Projects

A friend and former co-worker of mine is going to have a baby soon and I was excited to create some homemade baby items as a gift for her and her cute little bundle of joy!

After browsing my favorite blogs and Pinterest I decided on embellishing some onesies and creating some cute burp rags. I found a great series on the Handmade Baby Clothes website called Embellish Your Onesie. It had so many ideas on how to fancy up a plain onesies! There were so many cute ideas, I had a hard time choosing, but I finally did. I picked up a pack of white onesies from Target and went with the applique, ruffle butt, inspired, and heart stamp ideas. Some of you who are familiar with onesie packs, yes you are right, they do usually come in a 5 pack. I tried to create the button-down one but messed it up and couldn't figure out a way to fix it so I just tossed it aside. I was really happy with how they turned out, check them out!

Ruffle Butt, Inspired, Heart Stamp, & Applique
Ruffle Butt

Heart Stamped (with buttons for the centers)

Front and Back of the Applique onesie. I used the same fabric I used for some of the burp rags!

I then moved on to creating the Burp Rags. I used a butterfly fabric since that was the theme of the baby's nursery. I also used a soft cuddly fleece fabric with hearts, because who doesn't like hearts for a little baby girl? I used the tutorial I found on Craftaholics Anonymous. The description was that they were "super duper easy," and after looking at the tutorial, they definitely seemed super duper easy, so I was ready to go for it! I used some soft cuddly fabric for the back to catch all of that yummy spit up and drool the sweet baby will get all over them.

I was happy with all these cute baby items I created, but then I was browsing Pinterest again and came across this little cutie! I saw that it was an item on Etsy, not a tutorial, but after studying it I figured I could create it myself! After about a half an hour, I created my last little baby treasure.

With the links, I added it the front of the gift bag. Such a cute addition!

What are your go-to homemade baby gift items?

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