Sunday, June 12, 2011

Keep Calm...a tutorial!

Good Evening, Jennifer here with my first official tutorial! I recently came across this post on Tatertots and Jello's blog. I was immediately attracted to the "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake" pillow. I loved it! It was so cute, and given my husband's affinity obsession with cupcakes, I decided I had to use this idea in some way. Then, it hit me, I also wanted to make something with this idea for a woman we know for the opening of a her new bakery!

I decided I would make a canvas with this saying on it and use the shop's colors. So here goes - my first tutorial!

What you'll need:
  • Canvas - I used 11 x 14
  • Main Fabric - I used a Fat Quarter
  • Accent Fabric - Mine ended up being a 9 x 9 sheet
  • Freezer Paper or Heat N Bond
  • Spray Adhesive (not pictured)
  • Sewing Supplies - rotary cutter, machine, iron, ironing board
Step 1: I originally thought I needed to use an iron-on transfer to get the "Keep Calm" text on the yellow fabric. Then, my fellow Crafty Mama informed me that you could easily print on fabric! To print on fabric, iron your fabric on freezer paper (shiny side up) or Heat N Bond (depending on how you'll attach your accent fabric to the main fabric). This stabilizes your fabric allowing you to place it in your printer and print your text directly on it!
Step 2: Create your image. I used the Keep Calm-O-Matic and Photo Shop to create my image. Place your stabilized fabric in your printer (I suggest a test page to make sure your place the fabric in the printer to make sure it prints on the correct side!). Print your image right onto your fabric! Go ahead, it's fun!

Step 3: For my project, my third step had to be to adhere my printed fabric to a second layer of yellow fabric. My fabric was too light and my main fabric showed through too much! I had adhered Heat N Bond to the back of the original yellow piece so I simply ironed it on to another yellow piece. If your fabric is thick enough, just skip this step.

Step 4:  Place the main fabric on your canvas, then place your accent fabric on top to give you an idea of how it will look. Trim your accent fabric to your desired size.

 Step 5: Pin your fabric in place, sew your two fabrics together. Depending on how OCD you may be much of a perfectionist you may be, you might want to hem your accent fabric, before sewing it to the main fabric, so it does not fray. You could also use pinking shears to trim it, whatever you prefer!

Step 6: Iron out any and all wrinkles you may have in your newly decorated fabric!

Step 7: Grab your canvas, spray adhesive, and fabric and cover your work area with the local newspaper you have hanging around. Place your fabric on the canvas to see where it needs to be placed, then spray the canvas with the adhesive. If you haven't ever used this adhesive, I suggest gloves! Otherwise your fingertips also end up a bit sticky (not that I know from experience!). Once you've sprayed your canvas, place your fabric on the canvas. Luckily, for a short amount of time, you can adjust the placement of the fabric if you make any placement mistakes.

Step 8: Turn your canvas over, and spray adhesive on the canvas edges. If needed, cut excess fabric.

Step 9: Hang up your artwork and admire!!

I was so honored to see that Mica at Confectioneiress hung up my project in her brand new shop! I also entered this project in KoJo's Color My Summer Contest although I didn't win, I was featured on their site! My husband suggested I make a few more, suggesting ideas like "a cookie," or "coffee," perhaps I will make it into a series.

I hope you enjoyed my very first tutorial and I sure hope it made sense. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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