Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back To School

My older daughter is going to kindergarten this year. Although she does not need to pack a lunch this year (half day kindergarten), I did have to pack her school lunches the last 2 years while in preschool. Getting your kids to eat healthy can be difficult so here is an idea for a cute and creative lunch that will hopefully entice even a picky eater to enjoy!

You will need the following:

Sandwich size tupperware, even better if it has a favorite character on it
Colorful cupcake papers
Wax Paper, cut just slightly smaller than the container

1. Open tupperware and arrange 4 of the cupcake papers in the bottom. Fill these with healthy foods, such as cut up fruit, veggies, or cheese.

2. Lay down wax paper.

3. Put in a sandwich, tortilla roll-up, etc. Close lid tightly.

4. Stick in thermos of water and a note to your child for their first day. My daughter also always appreciated it when I put in toothpicks as a fun way to pick up and eat her food.

Here is ours:

Ready for a healthy and fun lunch!