Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Newsboy Hat: A Pattern Review

Good Evening, 

I recently was able to participate in pattern review for a fellow crafter! I was super excited to try the pattern, because from the pictures I could tell the hat would be pretty cute. I was also excited, because I hadn't ever participated in a pattern review before. I, along with a few others, gave the pattern a try, sent feedback to the creator and she took our reviews and created an even better pattern!

This was the first hat I have ever made and the first time working with corduroy. The first thing I noticed and enjoyed was that there were only two pieces for the pattern. This made cutting the fabric very easy and quick! The only problem I had with the pattern was the fabric she used. At times, it was hard to tell, from the pictures, what were the right side and the wrong side of the fabric. I thought if she chose a fabric that had more color or maybe used a contrasting thread color, it might have been easier to follow. It took me a while to figure out how to sandwich the brim into the hat piece. But finally I got it and was easily able to attach the brim! When adding the elastic, I messed up and had to pull out the seam ripper. I attached the elastic on the outside of the lining fabric because I couldn’t tell from the picture that I was supposed to sew the elastic on the inside of the lining. Also, the only time I have ever worked with elastic, I have always made a casing for the elastic as opposed to stretching the elastic out and sewing on top of it. It was hard for me to get the elastic to stretch as far as it needed. I finally got it and I was able to finish the hat. 

Overall, I found the pattern easy to follow and I had a lot of fun creating the hat and I love how it looks on my little Cupcake! Check out the listing for the pattern at Etsy here.


  1. And thank you so much for your help in testing the pattern for me. Hopefully the updates and notes on the pattern will be helpful in the future!


  2. Love the hat, I might have to make one for DJ Ark!