Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fancy Football Shirts

Andrea here! We are big Colts fans in this house and that extends to our two girls as well. They both jump and yell and scream just like Mommy and Daddy when the Colts are playing. We went downtown for the SuperBowl festivities a few weeks ago and that was when I realized that my kids had outgrown their current Colts shirts. Time remedy that! Unfortunately, the only options that were left at the stores were boy shirts. Both girls scoffed at the idea of wearing a "boy" shirt (too bad they were with me or they would have never known), so I bought one size up for next year and offered to make them more "girly." I asked my 5 year old what that meant to her and of course it meant pink and sparkles. I was at Michaels picking up a few other things anyway and found some supplies that I thought would work well. Pink and sparkles it is! Here are the shirts before, washed and ready to go with wax paper inside so the shirt wouldn't stick together from the paint:

Our supplies, pink puffy paint and spray-on glitter:

My 2 year old's shirt, before:

I began by using the puffy paint to make an outline:

Originally this was all I was going to do but my 5 year old suggested coloring in the entire horseshoe and adding sparkles all over the shirt and once big sis said it, little sis wanted it:

The spray-on sparkles were pretty neat:

First shirt, complete:

The shirt for my 5 year old, before:

Once again, filling in the white areas with pink at her suggestion:

For this, I put paper around on 4 sides to make a straight box around the logo:

And again around this logo (I also put some on my fingers and smeared it on the partial black horseshoe on above):

Second shirt, complete:

Two "boy" Colts shirts, transformed:

My kids love them and they'll be all ready for next season!