Saturday, February 18, 2012

a heart in a cake

So with baby Gia turning one, I began thinking about what special touches I wanted to do for her celebration. It was modest celebration, but wanted it to have a few fun memorable things.

The theme, 'hearts', sprung out of my frugal side. I knew that her birthday just 3 days after valentine's day, I'd be in no shortage of all things 'heart' and likely deeply discounted to move off the store shelves.

So when I saw this cake while perusing pinterest one evening, I couldn't stop wondering if I had an inner 'cake boss' that I could channel to pull this one off. THANK GOODNESS for step by step, awesome tutorials via the world wide web for allowing me to explore my skills!

My husband was telling me how delicious it was and I had to confess two words. Duncan. Hines.
So my inner domestic diva was only able to half execute this time since I wasn't willing to spend the time making the cakes & icing from scratch this go around. Next time however, I just may!

Another favorite addition to our celebration was this collage of her first year, fittingly, in the shape of a large number 1.

It was this, that made this momma sentimental, realizing that I have a beautiful young lady that will toddle today and soar tomorrow. #savorthemoments


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