Friday, May 6, 2011

Dish Towel Momento

Our last crafty get together was Mother's Day inspired! We wanted something our kiddos could give to the grandma's and so hand printed towels it was! Just a white dish towel, a little fabric paint, and about 10 hands to help hold onto the wet squirmy toddler hands! (We found it worked best to use a paint brush to apply paint to their hands instead of dipping their hands into it.)

I rummaged through my recycled ribbon and found this cute polka-dot one from a diaper cake I was given, so decided to wrap them up (napkin style). Then making a little folded card over wooden skewer (broken in half) to personalize it for each of the grandma's.


*Jennifer here to add a few more pictures to the mix! I got some action shots of the little ones creating their masterpieces and I thought I would share. Enjoy!
Little Junie didn't know what to think about the whole ordeal!
Mama Katie & Mama Beth working to get Pinkerton's handprints

Baby Gia slept right through it all!
All the kids did an excellent job cooperating with the craft. The Mamas were a little afraid it might be disastrous but it turned out great! As Amanda said,  the key was painting the kids' hands as opposed to dipping them. Way to go Mama Sara for thinking of that one! 

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