Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big Brother Outfit

Sara here once again.  During our whole moving extravaganza we found out we would be adding one more little person into our family.  Even before we found out though I had a thought to make DJ Ark a shirt to announce to our families that he was going to be a big brother. (I thought this would be something obvious and fun, but that wasn't the case, more on that later though.)

So how did I make the shirt...I found a font I like and printed it at a size I liked.  I then traced the letters onto the back of some felt that I had ironed Heat n' Bond to. Once they were cut out I placed them onto the shirt how I wanted them.  Then I ironed it onto the shirt.  I also went ahead and stitched around each letter so I didn't have to worry about the letters coming off in the wash.  I loved how it turned out, but I felt like it need something else.  So one day while I was wondering around JoAnn looking at all the fabrics I found this fun polka dot print that I thought would go perfectly with the shirt.
I used Dana's Basic Pant pattern and tutorial and made the little guy a new pair of pants.  I wished I would have made them a little longer so they would last until the baby is born, but we will see.

So a quick side story, like I said earlier I thought this shirt would be a great way to tell our families.  Well one set of parents just looked at us when they read the shirt and I had to said I was actually pregnant before they got it.  Then the other set asked who the shirt was for.  Claiming I make so much stuff for other people they didn't believe it was actually for our son!  Next time (if there is a next time that is) I will just make myself a shirt that says, "I'm pregnant".

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