Monday, December 19, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Diaper Bag & Accessories

Good Evening - Jennifer here. I have been busy with potty training and crafting that I haven't posted in a long time! I have things to catch up on (like the Potty Party and Halloween costumes) but for now I am just going to jump into Christmas!

My little Cupcake has just recently gotten into playing with her baby dolls, it started soon after the Potty Party (we first trained a new doll of Cupcake's). She started wanting to take her dolls on walks in her stroller, feeding her babies, and changing their diapers. When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make it for her! I loved the idea of having a diaper bag for Cupcake. She loves carrying bags and purses around and filling them with her things, so I knew she would like a bag filled with baby things.

The tutorial for the diaper bag on Mommy by Day...Crafter by Night was pretty straight forward and easy to follow! I did make some changes to the bag. I know how much Cupcake loves pockets, so I added a pocket to the outside side panel - gotta have a place for that bottle right?! I also added a pocket to the inside to keep things like wipes safe and secure. I also attached the straps a little differently, just because it seemed easier to me - even though I did end up pulling out the seam ripper multiple times :-/ All in all, I loved how it turned out!

I searched around Pinterest and found lots of tutorials for accessories to fill the bag. Check out my Fun Stuff for Kids board to see all of the tutorials I found!
I couldn't stop with just the bag & accessories, she needed a new princess doll to go with it
 I got a little carried away and made diapers, wipes and a wipe container, a blanket, a big, and even a changing pad (not was an afterthought)! I actually made 2 sets of everything, one is a gift for a my cousin's daughter who is into baby dolls too.
Cupcake receiving her present

Cupcake absolutely LOVED her new diaper bag and doll. She got the present at a party we have with my Dad's extended family where Santa comes and brings a present for all the kids. Unfortunately, Santa was unable to make it, but his helpers did distribute the goods. Cupcake changed baby Ariel's diaper at least 10 times at the party alone, using wipes each time. It was so cute! I'm so happy she likes it so much, and I am hoping the other recipient does as well.
Opening her present with Mommy
Cupcake giving baby Ariel a bottle
Daddy helping Cupcake put a new diaper on Ariel

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  1. You did such a good job!!! That bag is too cute and perfect for her!