Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet the Mamas!

Hi, I'm Katie and this is my sweet little girl, Junie! I have always considered myself "crafty" and I LOVE a project!!! I love making things for my daughter and decorations for around the house. I also just learned how to knit so we'll see where that goes! The best thing about crafting, for me, is spending time with great friends and our adorable little ones!!

Hi, I'm Sara. I'm a former Civil Engineer turned Domestic Engineer two years ago with the birth of my first son (aka DJ Ark). Recently I have discovered my love for crafting and sewing as a creative outlet while I am at home.

I'm Beth and this is my daughter, we call her Pinkerton. I love crafting because of the end result of getting to watch my little one wear, play with or use whatever I created. My real passion however is cooking and I have really enjoyed coming up with new and clever recipes that my little one enjoys.

Hey, I'm Jennifer. I went from working with stay-at-home moms through Healthy Families to being one myself. I have always had a passion for crafting but recently discovered my love of sewing. My favorite things to make are those for my daughter, Cupcake. I love dressing her up in all things crafty! I teach a few preschool & elementary dance classes at a local studio and I also enjoy photography & scrapbooking.

I am Sally. I previously worked in sales and now am a full time stay at home mom with my son the monkey man and soon will be welcoming number two! I have always loved scrapbooking/crafts and have recently started to sew and embroider with my new brother machine! Still figuring it out but loving every minute!

Hi, I'm Hillary! I am a Special Ed teacher turned stay at home mom to a very dramatic little boy, Huckleberry! I have always loved crafting, but since the birth of my son almost two years ago I have a new found passion creating all things kid related. My favorite thing to do is scapbooking or designing and making party supplies for all types of occasions. My love for this type of crafting has spilled over into many of my personal relationships and I now get the chance to work with my friends and family whenever they need a crafty project done! My newest venture is sewing and embroidery and Huckleberry loves modeling all Mommy's creations!

I must be a thrill seeker, because that's what it took to make the leap from Director of Marketing to Director of Development, Nutrition, Discipline, and Hygieine for General Bedhead (my 22 mos. son) and Gia (my 2 mos. daughter). Until I made the leap, I never knew this role would call for an even greater amount of creativity and strategy for day to day successes (like no blow outs, living room dance parties, remembering snacks for morning errands, and LONG wonderful naps). Fortunately, I've had some amazing women to "collaborate" with and that's really what this blog is about. -Amanda

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