Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wreaths, and Skirts, and Dresses, Oh My!

Hello, Jennifer here! Spring is finally here and after the winter we had in Indiana, I am very excited about sun, warm weather, and Spring craft projects!

I started out welcoming in the Spring with this bright and cheery Spring Wreath.  I was inspired by a tutorial I saw on Craftaholics Anonymous, but decided to add some of these flowers, from the Craft Snob (who I love!) to the wreath as well. I was so please with the results and was so happy I added the Pomela flowers. I loved the variety of styles of flowers in the wreath. I was so happy and excited with the results of the wreath, I even made a second one for my Mom. What a great way to say "hello," to Spring!

Once I received my sewing machine and got the hang of the very basics, I searched my beloved craft blogs far and wide for clothing tutorials that seemed easy enough for me to tackle. I found Dana's tutorial for a Simple Skirt. Simple. Skirt. What could get better?!? How about the fabric she used for the first skirt!! I fell in love. After studying the tutorial, I made my way to Hobby Lobby and excitedly found the same fabric she used for the skirt! I gathered up the rest of the supplies I needed for the project and was very happy to get started. Overall, the skirt was indeed, simple. I am sure I spent much more time than Dana ever has on a skirt like this, but hey I'm just learning so that's alright. I also realized, trying it on Cupcake, it was too short - oops! Cupcake does NOT like being measured, so I blame it on that. It had nothing to do with my excitement to complete the project and not trying it on her before I finalized the skirt. Luckily, I posted my dilemma on Dana's blog and she suggested I just add another layer, so I did and it worked out well! Thanks Dana. I was so excited about this skirt, I created a second, double layer skirt. Adorable! I see many more of these in Cupcake's future...

The Simple Skirt that was way too short!
Cupcake modeling the Simple Skirt after I added fabric so it wasn't so mini!
Cupcake in her double layer Simple Skirt
Just this week, I worked on an Ice Cream Social dress from Craftiness is Not Optional. I absolutely love this blog, by the way! I've browsed her tutorials several times and I love all the adorable clothes she makes for her girls. Her amazing abilities mystify me. It is crazy to think she just comes up with all of this stuff on her own! Because I am just a bit obssessed with Jess and her site, I became a fan of hers on facebook as soon as I saw that she had a page. I posted on her page that was a tad intimidated by her craftiness and wondered what she suggested as a good beginner project and she so nicely encouraged me to try the Ice Cream Social dress. I found the fabric at JoAnns and was set to go! It turned out to be pretty easy, just like she said. Again, I'm sure it took me way longer than it probably takes Jess to make anything, but I am ok with that for now. I did have a few mistakes; didn't sew close enough to the selvage so a little bit of it shows in the back, that's why its the back right?!? and I had to readjust the straps twice! I'm telling you Cupcake does not enjoy being measured. Luckily, it wasn't too hard to get the seam ripper out and readjust the straps. Check her out in the cute new dress. Thanks to Jess for her motivation and help!

I added some rosettes made from an old shirt, that I hot-glued to a pin to the front, I wanted to make the additional decor transferable because I'd also love to add a big yellow bow to the front as well!

I love these little ruffle straps! 

Hmm, What should I do, Where should I go?


  1. I LOVE LOVE the dress! that fabric is too cute! (as is that cute pose your daughter is doing. :D lol. Fantastic job.

  2. Love the dress too! She is too cute in it!