Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hair Accesories Fun

I recently got my hair cut very short and ever since I have been a little obsessed with making hair accessories to go with my new style. I have always enjoyed making fun hair bows for Cupcake but now a whole world has opened up to me with options for me!

I thought I'd share my latest creations with you. I've pinned a lot of ideas on my Hair Accessories and Fabric Flowers boards on Pinterest and have just been going through the list and trying out all that I have the time and supplies for.

I started using 1/8" elastic and gluing the accessories to the elastic, but at the rate I was making flowers, I realized I would soon be out of elastic. So, I created one universal elastic band and started hot gluing the accessories to mini alligator clips. That way I can just change the accessory and keep the same band. I know, I know, genius right?!?

I recently purchased an envelope full of fabric scraps from Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional  and have enjoyed using scraps from her to create some of the accessories. I love that I can use just a little left-over fabric to create a cute little addition to my look! Last weekend, I made one (top right corner) using the left over fabric from Cupcake's birthday outfits (more on that in another post) to coordinate with her during the party!

Scrappy Flower Headband

Today, I tried out a tutorial from Nature's Heirloom that I absolutely love!! She guest posted the tutorial here. I changed the way she created it a little, using an old t-shirt. Using a t-shirt you don't have to worry about fraying and I like the way it rolls in after you stretch it out a bit. They are so easy to make and so cute! I've made two so far and look great on both Cupcake and myself.

Cupcake modeling one of the Scrappy Flower Headbands 

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  1. Jen from My Own Road just sent me this link of your headbands you made using my tutorial!! So cute!! I'd love it if you'd add it to my Flickr group (if you'd like)!
    Thanks for sharing!!